Irene Neuwirth

Long heralded as a tastemaker in fine jewelry, Irene Neuwirth's creations are some of the most sought-after jewels in the world. The Los Angelas based company was was created by the designer while she was in her early 20s. The brand offers a wide range of fresh, hip, and modern selections. Thousands of fans wait bated breath for Irene’s designs every season and she always delivers the perfect balance of up-to-the-minute, uncommon, covetable, and timeless jewelry.

Irene grew up in Venice Beach and drew inspiration from her father, a successful businessman, and her mother, an artist. Irene always had a keen interest in creativity, and imagined she would grow up to be an art consultant. It wasn’t long before she realized her interest was in jewelry designing. She started small, designing for friends, but she soon became force to be reckoned with in the fine jewelry realm.

The company’s signature trademarks are the use of organic cuts with vibrant colors. Most of her jewelry is inspired by the ocean. A Neuwirth piece is always distinctly recognizable in a crowded room for their rough cuts, bold designs, semi-precious stones in ocean-inspired colors and balanced constructions.

Since the company's inception, it has received numerous accolades and has been featured in InStyle, Vogue, W, Harper's Bazaar, Elle and Town & Country. The company’s designs have been worn by countless celebrities including Scarlett Johansson, Julia Roberts, Halle Berry, Julianne Moore, Zoe Saldana, Rosario Dawson, Keri Russell, Charlize Theron, Reese Witherspoon and Emma Stone.

In recent years, jewelry designers have been facing difficulties in wooing women to spend on fine jewelry. Irene never floundered or caved to that pressure. Her designs became even more audacious. The women who buy her jewelry reflect that same aweless tenacity. They are fashion conscious, smart, elegant woman with their own personal identity. They don't flock with the masses and they appreciate the timeless and modern with an element of surprise and edge. Neuwirth's designs can be worn effortlessly with an elegant evening gown and stylishly with a pair of jeans. Irene can often be spotted wearing her own designs while running casual errands. For Neuwirth, her work is not only her passion, but a medium to connect with bold, modern women who believe in craftsmanship, artisty, and individuality.


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