Dorothee Schumacher

Born in Dusseldorf, a German metropolis, in 1966, Dorotthee Schumacher spent her formative years showing a keen interest in fashion. So, it came as no surprise when she joined Peek & Cloppenburg as an apprentice, which marked the beginning of her professional life. While working with them, she learned about the finer nuances of the apparel industry.

Armed with this knowledge, she found herself willing and ready to take the next step in the fashion world. Dorothee could not stop herself from being enticed by the glamour of the fashion arena and quickly made her way to Apennines, where she worked with an Italian knitwear maker. By 1989, she was ready to launch herself and founded her own fashion label with her then husband Jörg Singhoff. In the next 5 years, the organization grew in leaps and bounds and the label was ready for expansion in Italy.

Today, the brand is headquartered in Mannheim in what used to be a cardboard factory, the structure was rebuilt and renovated to suit the requirements of the fashion house in 1998 by Yves Bayard, the famous French architect. The old tattered halls of the cardboard factory and warehouse were transformed into a flat loft. This stands as a symbol of the management style of the company, which includes open communication and transparency in operations. The lack of vertical restrictions or walls in the factory premises allows the various departments of the company such as product development, purchasing, logistics, sales, marketing and advertising and communication to work alongside the creative divisions like Atelier and Design. This fosters an atmosphere of synchronization between the different operational wings of the company.

Schumacher and her team do a grand job of anticipating the upcoming trends of the fashion industry and are almost intuitive in figuring out what women need in their wardrobe. Everything that goes into the creation of a Dorothee Schumacher piece is handled internally; this includes the embroidery, the artwork, the signature prints. All of these tasks are not only handled internally but every design is created exclusively.

Every piece that bears the Schumacher logo is designed to perfection in the Atelier, then the visionary tailors and seamstresses of the company work relentlessly to turn the designers vision into a piece which is steeped in the culture and the spirit of Schumacher. So, what the end user gets is a creation that is 100% Dorothee Schumacher! Currently, the line offers women's clothing, boots, shoes, accessories, handbags, jewelry, umbrellas and more.

The fashion house and Dorothee Schumacher present to the world 4 collection every year; a pre and main season collection for Spring/Summer as well as Fall/Winter. Each of these not only includes clothing but also select footwear, accessories and bags along with an exclusive jewelry range. 

Special thematic tones are maintained throughout the collection, so in essence, patrons of the brand are supplied with 4 unique selections each year with each maintaining a strong focus on the heritage and the signature product of the company- women's tops.

From early on, Schumacher stuck steadfastly to her conviction that the true strength of a woman is displayed when she embraces her feminine side and does not resort to hiding it under a sheath of androgynous clothing. This belief was conveyed loudly and clearly in her first collection with saw the light of the day in 1980 and has been the cornerstone in the design of all subsequent pieces from the fashion house.

In the beginning, the name Dorothee Schumacher was synonymous with ultra feminine and exclusive women's tops. However, over the last 20 years, GmbH has captured the attention of fashionistas across the world and has turned into an eminent fashion company in Germany which boasts of an international fan following and charisma that transcends the boundaries of nations.

The name of Schumacher Brand was recently changed, appended in fact to include Dorothee's name. The brand now stands as Dorothee Schumacher, a name that offers a glimpse into the personality of the company that is evident in every one of its creations and is experienced by their users every day. The new labeling will be unveiled to the fashion world for the very first time with 2015's Spring/Summer line, which will be showcased in November. The year also marks the brand's 25th anniversary in the world of high fashion.