In 1961, a charming fabric boutique called Diptyque was born at 34 boulevard Saint-Germain in Paris France. From these humble beginnings, the products in this little boutique quickly blossomed into a creative eclectic bazaar with unique treasures from all around the world as the proprietors made discoveries in their travels. Customers flocked to this one of a kind original store because loved what they found. It was an adventure in shopping and they carried home items that became intriguing conversation starters during their cocktail parties and hosted dinners.

The immediate success of Diptyque was due to the collaborative effort of three close friends. Christiane Gautrot was an interior designer and Desmond Knox-Leet was a painter. The two of them had worked together creating fabrics and wallpaper for Liberty and Sanderson. Yves Coueslant, their mutual friend, was a set designer and theater director. Christiane and Desmond became the creative genius behind the store and Yves served as the manager and consultant, although his creative talents couldn't be contained either. Great things come about when the chemistry, personal charm, and creative energies of exceptionally talented individuals blend together to produce something more special than any one of them could have created alone.

In those early days, Diptyque became a place of legendary reputation in Paris, known as being a place to find beautiful one of kind unique items. In fact, Diptyque carried such a fascinating diversity of products, Henry Gault and Christian Millau called the store the "Merchants of everything." Christiane and Desmond were known for their keen sense of beauty and insatiable curiosity when picking items for the store.

Over time, the trio of talented friends began adding new lines of products, an eclectic mix of items they discovered in their travels and brought home to France to showcase and share with their sophisticated and loyal customer following. With a personal affinity for fragrances, they began to add candles and perfumes which were an instant success. Their first private label "eau de toilette" was called L'Eau, debuting in 1968, and launching a long line of signature fragrances that are still popular today. L'Eau was inspired by an ancient potpourri recipe from the 1500s and carried the iconic black lettering on a stylish oval bottle label that Diptyque perfumes with their mysterious allure are still packaged in today. 

The fragrances that Diptyque developed and became so quickly famous were inspired by the love of travel and marvelous natural scents provided by Mother Nature. For example, one of their most popular fragrances, L'Eau Trois, was developed to smell like the small aromatic bushes on the mountainous coast of northern Greece. One whiff and someone could be instantly transported to that idyllic landscape. Some of Diptyque's fragrances were created in close collaboration with other well known perfumers, including Fabrice Pellegrin, Serge Kalouguine, Olivia Giacobetti, and Olivier Pescheux. Some of their top selling fragrances included L'Eau Trois introduced in 1975, L'Ombre dans L'Eau introduced in 1983, Olene introduced in 1988, Virgilio introduced in 1990, Philosykos introduced in 1996, Ofre´sia introduced in 1999, Oyedo introduced in 2000, and Tam Dao introduced in 2003. These natural fragrances are sold for both men and women.

It is an interesting side story that the scented candles were originally only supposed to be a sideline. However, quickly they become one of the mainstay products of Diptyque and today Diptyque offers a large palette of more than fifty unique scents available in their candle line! Just like Diptyque's line of fragrances, their luxurious scented candles are inspired by travel and the natural scents of nature. For example, their popular Baies candle is scented with Bulgarian roses and black currant leaves. Their Feus de Bois is made from a blend of woodsy essences from plants found deep in the forest. Some people say the Feus de Bois candle smells like a crackling wood fire on a cold winter's night while others think it smells more like the large pine cones people use to make a centerpiece on holidays. Diptyque candles are also known to last an extraordinarily long time. As if by magic, their small 6.5 ounce candles last for approximately fifty to sixty hours!

Diptyque products are world renown for their luxurious sophisticated style. They have an enduring quality in the hearts of their dedicated fans. Diptyque fragrances and candles make the perfect gift for both men and women whether it be Mother's Day, birthdays, holidays, or when you want to give a romantic gift that lets the receiver know just how special they are to you. Many recipients of these Diptyque gifts think that the stylish Diptyque packaging is so exquisite, they treasure it almost as much as the gift inside, and never throw it away.

It could be said that Diptyque is a celebration of the olfactory senses as three discriminating noses traveled the world in search of the perfect fragrances. From flower laden landscapes to the warm spices of the Indo Pacific Region, it is only natural to be attracted to these scents and want to bring them into your own home. Diptyque uses only natural ingredients when creating their fragrances and scented products. Go ahead and pamper yourself! Let the clean sea air, gardenia blossoms, orange scents, warm vanilla, cedar wood, jasmin petals, insolent spices, Italian cypress, and lemon verbena fill your personal space. They will rejuvenate your soul and give you peace of mind tranquility. 

In the fragrance world, Diptyque is in a class all to its own with a long history of achieving perfection in every product they release. For example, the scent produced by burning just one Diptyque candle is so pleasantly strong, it is equivalent to burning two candles of other high end brands. Diptyque also stays true to their roots. They never stray away from capturing the natural scents of nature and using only natural ingredients in their perfumes and scented candles. They offer the fragrances of a spring meadow of flowers, the fruity smell of wild berries, the earthy scents of Bulgarian rose amber musk, the sensual floral green fragrances, the olfactory pleasures of the Brazilian rainforest, and exotic scents from the Orient. While all of their candles are beloved by many, Baies, Figuier, and Tubéreuse are three of their most popular.

There can be no doubt that Diptyque is the unequivocal leader in luxurious high end perfumes and candles. Their products have become internationally sought after commodities for those with discriminating tastes and sophisticated style.

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