Cire Trudon

In the darkest days of war, Cire Trudon Candles, the world's oldest wax-prodcuing factory, first opened their doors in 1643. In the intervening decades, they have continued to develop their distinctive and unique scent, which has drawn the attention of royalty and ecclesiastical leaders for the fulsome smells that their candle products produce. Cire Trudon candles have adorned alters of the great churches throughout France, and in the palaces of European kings and queens who seek the distinctive scents of an Cire Trudon candle.

Indeed, over the years their team has put forth a myriad of scintillating scents designed to beguile the senses and trigger an emotional response in those lucky enough to be close enough to catch a waft of the distinctive fragrance that each candle exudes. Their scents are some that you will not find anywhere else on the market.

Formulated in intelligent 9-ounce sizes, each Cire Trudon Candle product features an 80-hour burn time. Along with their signature line of candles and home fragrances, Cire Trudon Candles also releases limited edition collections that collaborate with other designers, to arrive at truly inspired candle designs.


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