Undoubtedly one of the best luxury cashmere brands in the world, Allude was founded in 1993 by Andrea Karg; a renowned German born designer. Andrea has managed to set his label apart by offering figure-flattering silhouettes and recreated classics for new and elegant aesthetics. Allude’s creations are cut from the finest yarn and made to highlight the very best assets of cashmere.

Karg started Allude with the intention of offering signature cashmere creations which is exactly what the label is known for today. The line began with simple V-neck sweater designs and twin sets. Her designs have now evolved into an urbane, sensual, zeitgeist and intelligent collection.There is no doubt that Karg is the undisputed Queen of Cashmere given the fact that she discovered and has successfully dominated the niche every fashion season with creations for more than two decades now in more than 30 countries globally.

One of the most important goals for Andrea is coming up with experimental designs. This is evident from all her creations. As a Cashmere pioneer, she has managed to incorporate cashmere with leather, pearls and Swarovski crystals. Andrea has also successfully combined cashmere with new materials and fibers. Andrea has undoubtedly managed to influence a luxurious cashmere fashion revolution. The Allude brand clearly leads the way when it comes to luxury cashmere brands. The brand matches its founder’s experimental nature, confidence, vision, creativity and passion.

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