5 Way To Transition Your Wardrobe To Fall


The gray skies and rainy days have made the last days of summer feel like fall already. Have no worries, though. Pied Nu has everything you need to take your wardrobe from summer to fall. Here are five pieces that will have you taking the change in temperature in stride.

1. Try a sleeveless sweater

A sleeveless sweater is the perfect transitional piece. It looks like fall, but it won't overheat you. It can be worn alone, or as the temperatures drop, under a jacket. Try this M. Patmos Sleeveless Turtleneck.

2. Wear an open-toe bootie

The most exciting part of fall is finally busting out those boots, but you don't want your feet to get too hot when the weather hasn't fallen below 80 yet. An open-toe bootie looks like the season, but allows the foot to breath. Wear this pair of Dorothee Schumacher Booties.

3. Layer it up

There are so many ways to layer beyond the basic cardigan (though there's nothing wrong with a classic). This fall, try layering a sheer top over a long sleeve blouse. Layer this Dorothee Schumacher Blouse.

4. Tie a scarf

With so many ways to tie a scarf, it's the perfect way to accessorize any outfit. Wear it tied closely on a chilly day, or hang it loose around your neck when it's still warm. Tie up this Stevie Howell Scarf.

5. Play with color

The best way to dress like fall when it's still warm in New Orleans is to wear fall colors. Think dark reds, browns, and deep purples. Play in this Megan Park Dress.

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